Global Design Network Background

Global Design Network brings together elite software developers and businesses needing technology solutions so as to deliver outstanding and tightly integrated software and hardware.

Global Design Network is an Australian-based organisation that has been delivering IT professionals from around the world with challenging careers over the past decade.

The IT Visionaries

The team at GDN won't consider delivering IT solutions which may be perceived as second rate. We want you to benefit from our influence, capabilty and determination to supply the best.

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Mobile App Development

Our team of premium mobile application software developers are all highly qualifed and include some who've been writing mobile apps for over 5 years. We scour the globe for the best available developers so we can provide you with outstanding mobile apps.

Delivering IT Solutions

Do you have a problem that could be solved with technology? If so then you've arrived at the right place. We have extensive experience delivering world-best IT solutions which meet all your needs by drawing on talent from around the globe.


Do you have a great new idea but you don't know how to make it happen? We are a technology developer but we also have the capabilities and connections to help you successfully take your product to market.

Do you need us to come up with additional ideas which complement your bright idea? We would be delighted to talk to you about your concept and how we could take it to a completely new level.